TSO Fan Sites

There are many Trans-Siberian Orchestra fan sites on Facebook (all of them unofficial). They are all a bit different and not all are for everyone.

The three most active are listed below:

This is the largest and one of the most active TSO fan sites, conveniently called “Trans Siberian Orchestra World Fan Page“. It is moderated by one admin named Chester and mostly policed by the fans themselves. This site is highly recommended. Many knowledgeable fans contribute newsworthy items, photos, videos, interviews, etc. If you have a question about something TSO-related, you are guaranteed to find your answers here. It is, for the most part, a polite and friendly group, welcoming of new fans. A bonus is that many current and former TSO members chime in from time to time.

This is also an active TSO fansite on Facebook, which used to call themselves “Trans-Siberian Orchestra”, but recently added “Fan Nation” to its title. This site is primarily based on photos – if you love to ogle photographs of TSO members and the stage, this can be for you. It is dominated by female fans who really have a thing for the men of the group, so if you enjoy gazing at photos of them, this is for you. A word of caution – this site is Heavily moderated by a fanatic groupie named Mary and a few other ladies. Every comment and post is scrutinized and often confronted by Mary. Also, if you are new, and have a question which they think is beneath them, they have a “drinking game” where many will respond to your question with alcohol-related images. It is an active site and does have its moments – some TSO members even pop in from time to time – just beware of the drama.

This is a much less active fan group on Facebook, but still with a sizable amount of fans. Named “Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour”. This is more slow-moving, only a few posts a week, and not too many comments to posts. Not sure who moderates this, as there is not much going on here at all.

There are a few smaller TSO fan groups on Facebook that focus in on particular aspects:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1628659517412213/ If you collect or enjoy talking about guitar picks used or handed out by TSO members, this is a small, but devoted group to this subject led by a knowledgeable fan named Steve.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/160217397815499/ Another Mary-run site, so tread lightly. Can’t get enough of pictures of the male members of TSO? This group is for you.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/906619826162232/ Similar to the “Men” site above, this focuses only on pictures of the females in the TSO. Got a thing for the ladies? This group is for you.

For non-Facebook options, there are a couple:

For those that enjoy the Message Board format. The TSO Boards are VERY light on photos, but VERY high on information. It seems to be a successor to the original TSO Express Message Boards, but run by fans. The moderator is known as “admin” and he/she chimes in from time to time. This is not as active as the Facebook sites, but is a good place to discuss TSO if you prefer the Message Board style.

This is part of the old Yahoo! Groups online discussion board format. This is one of the oldest TSO fan sites, started in 2001. For many years, this is all there was. Led by a Canadian groupie named Sian, this once-thriving “D group” eventually was whittled down to a clique of fanatics that refer to Sian as “Mom”. The Yahoo! Group format is apparently shutting down at some point, but this group is still somewhat active.